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A Recommendation for Estate Planning: Gordon H Coffman, Attorney at Law

In the culturally rich community of Alva, Florida, are we placing enough importance on our estate planning affairs? Often, it's not until later in life when we begin seriously pondering the transfer of our assets and properties. However, isn't it wiser to tackle these legal matters proactively to benefit our loved ones later?

Gordon H Coffman, an experienced estate planning attorney based in nearby Fort Myers, offers expert legal guidance on wills, trusts, estate administration, and even real estate. His office is located at 12651 McGregor Blvd Ste 1-104, Fort Myers, FL 33919 - a short jaunt for Alva residents in need of his specialized services.

Why Choose Gordon H Coffman?

When it comes to estate planning, occurrences like family disputes, lengthy court processes, hefty legal fees, and taxation issues can often arise. Do you want your loved ones to be burdened with such difficulties when dealing with the loss of a family member? Or would you rather have your final estate and healthcare wishes followed without stumbling over unforeseen legal hurdles?

These are some of the factors that emphasize the importance of proficient estate planning. Lawyer Gordon H Coffman, with his extensive knowledge and experience, can assist in navigating these complex legal waters. Here's why you should consider him your trusted ally:


  • Gordon H Coffman Attorney at Law offers a wheelchair-accessible entrance and restrooms a testament to his commitment to provide service to all members of the community.


  • The law office is open from 9AM to 4:30PM, Monday to Friday. Though they recommend appointments, they are committed to accommodating their client's needs.


  • With more than three decades of experience, Gordon H Coffman has a proven record of providing expert advice on various aspects of estate planning and real estate.

It is essential to have an estate planning attorney who can make the process less daunting while ensuring that your wants and needs are met.

Setting an Appointment

Ready to plan for the future? To schedule a consultation with Gordon H Cocffman, dial +1 239-481-6400 during office hours. Client satisfaction is a top priority, hence make sure to outline all your questions and concerns to have them addressed during your appointment.

Indeed, life is unpredictable. Hence, isn't it prudent to be well-prepared, particularly when it involves your hard-earned assets and your family's future? A well-crafted estate plan can make all the difference, translating your end-of-life decisions into legally enforceable documents.

Gordon H Coffman, with his expertise and commitment to offering sound and personalized legal advice, can help you create a robust estate plan, encompassing wills, trusts, estate administration, and real estate matters.

Remember, estate planning is not just about protecting what you ve earned. It is about ensuring security and peace of mind for your loved ones. Act today - the importance of expert legal guidance in estate planning cannot be overstated. Be proactive in ensuring a secure, financially stable future for your family. No repetitive phrases, no unnatural sentence structures - just straightforward, professional advice when you need it most. Let Gordon H Coffman guide you through your estate planning with the wisdom of experience and the ease of understanding. Enjoy life in Alva, Florida, resting easy knowing your estate affairs are in capable hands. Be it a will, a trust, or complex real estate matters - no hurdle is too high in the pursuit of securing your family's tomorrow.

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