Law Office of Heather McInnis


Where do you turn when you need a pair of capable hands to help navigate the intricacies of estate planning? Consider an experienced professional like the Law Office of Heather McInnis, the go-to estate lawyer in Branford, FL. They have cemented their reputation as a reliable provider of estate planning services with a human touch, diverse clientele, and impeccable record. But what exactly sets this estate planning attorney apart? Let's delve into the details.

The Estate Lawyer You Can Trust

Law Office of Heather McInnis has carved out a distinctive niche in the area of Estate Planning. Positioned in the heart of Branford at 111 Suwannee Ave, this law office is conveniently located to serve clients across Florida. But it's not just their location that makes them stand out. What other factors play a part in their reputation?

  • Accessibility - With both wheelchair accessible entrance and restrooms, the Office of Heather McInnis ensures everyone can access their services with ease.
  • Counsel You Can Depend On - With a deep understanding of the law, attorney Heather McInnis provides sound advice to help clients navigate their estate planning with confidence.
  • Appointments - Respecting the importance of your time, appointments are recommended to ensure each client receives dedicated attention.

Professional, Accommodating, and Dependable

The hours of operation at the Law Office of Heather McInnis are designed to accommodate busy schedules - open from 9 AM to 5 PM from Monday to Thursday, and till 4 PM on Fridays. Isn't it refreshing to find a professional that flexes to meet clients' needs in an increasingly fast-paced world? Weekend warriors, fear not; navigating estate planning during the regular workweek hours need not be a tug of war.

Impressive Customer Reviews

The old adage, 'The proof of the pudding is in the eating' couldn't be more applicable here. Public reviews speak volumes about the quality and reliability of a service. Numerous positive reviews bear witness to the professional, efficient, and personable services rendered by this dedicated estate planning attorney. Where can you find these reviews, you ask? Examine Google reviews of the Law Office of Heather McInnis diligently and discover the high esteem in which this esteemed law office is held.


Estate planning may appear formidable at first glance, but it need not remain so. Clarity, efficiency, and human-like understanding can help make the process smooth sailing. Where can you find such a service? Look no further than the seasoned estate planning attorney Heather McInnis.

Now, will you still be tossing coins on the endless list of estate lawyers in the Branford, FL, area or making the right choice with the Law Office of Heather McInnis? Remember, when it comes to securing your legacy, betting on a sure thing makes the most sense.

This office is more than just a pin on Suwannee Ave; think of it as the beacon guiding you on your estate planning journey. Monday through Friday, the Law Office of Heather McInnis stands ready to deliver compassionate, experienced, and comprehensive legal services that meet your needs, save you time, and respect your wheelchair accessibility needs. So, why wait? Embark on a smoother estate planning journey today.

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